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★★ Heart of the Desert Beauty & Fitness. Renew ❤ Enhance ❤ Maintain. Offering beauty servces out of the Cottonwood Collective 979 S Main St Cottonwood AZ including Fusion Warm Cold Plasma Skin Tightening, Plasma Pen Skin Tightening, Skin tightening for face and body, Exion Lip Augmentation, Body Sculpting with EMS scuplting technology (builds muscle AND burns fat). Yoga, Pilates, & Spin Classes out of the Camp Verde town campus at 395 S Main St room 204 Camp Verde. Pole dance & Aerial Silk private instrucion for small groups at my private studio. Serving all of the Verde Valley, Rimrock, Cornville & Sedona★★

Hello! From a 5 generation Arizona family, I am proud to call Camp Verde my home. I offer warm cold (fire & ice) fusion plasma, fibroblast plasma pen, microneedling, Exion lip augmentation, red light therapy , fat dissolve infusions for body and chin and EMS sculpting for body countouring. Skin tightening and services and treatnscars, stretch marks, hair restoration, sagging skin, skin tags and anti-aging. I have been teaching movement classes since 1997. I strive to make each class effective, fun, and personalized for the adults and children attending. Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Fusion, Aerial Pole Fitness, Indoor Cycle, Pop Pilates & Childrens Dance classes in the heart of the great state of Arizona.