Camp Verde Indoor Cycle & Spinning Classes

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Camp Verde Indoor Cycle & Spinning Classes

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Spinning indoor cycle classes in Camp Verde! Come spin away calories and stress in a fun friendly environment. Classes are held at the Town of Camp Verde Rec Department and part of your fees go to support the Rec Dept. Our spin classes are host to the most bikes in any spin class you will find in the Verde Valley.

As an instructor I took one of the first indoor cycle certifications in 1998, Spinning by Johnny G. Some things have changed since then but what has remained constant is that indoor cycle, done consistently, torches fat off your body and gets you in great shape fast.

After so many years teaching spinning classes I have found the BEST cycle classes have a combination of the following things:

  • Pre Structured drills (class has a focus), with a fair portion (50% or more) of the drills being HIIT. What is HIIT? Just think~difficult, short, and a set amount. With the right structure you can bio-hack your body to run more efficiently and spin class is PERFECT for that.
  • One thing that has maintained consistent in every indoor cycle training I have ever taken is IF YOU DO NOT DO IT OUTSIDE ON A BIKE YOU DO NOT DO IT INSIDE ON A BIKE. No bike push ups, no dancing, etc. (But you can still have fun) Why? Ineffective. Cycling is about power, the more power you generate, the more calories you burn, the more of a workout your heart and lungs get. Moving your arms on a bike takes away from both the arm workout and the bike workout. You feel like you are working harder but you are taking away from your workout.
  • An instructor with a high level of training and who is understanding and fosters an atmosphere of fun, inclusion, and learning.  Your instructor needs to go over bike set up and what system you will be using for intensity at every class. As an instructor I NEVER adjust my students resistance as nobody except the rider can feel how difficult they are set at.  This prevents injury. Spin bikes do not have numbers on the resistance knob and even if they did a “3” will feel different based on music cadence, body position, and fitness level. . I also make sure all cyclists in class are familiar with how they should be feeling during each segment of spin class and instruct to each individual student. My job is to teach to you, not set a pace and tell you you have to keep up with. The environment should make you feel like you get enough instruction to be sucessful so you want to come back!

Cycle class has been my passion for many years. I took it for granted for many years but after having my first baby I went back to work and the only classes available to teach were FOUR cycle classes. At one year postpartum, 30 years old,  I was at my high school weight. I have had triatheletes, cycle patrol officers, cancer survivors, extreme altitude mountain climbers, arthritis suffers, and figure models all take my class. I look forward to seeing what YOU will achieve.
Class is appropriate for ages 14 and up. Ages 14 -14 need to have a parent PRESENT during class, and all minors need a guardian to sign their waiver.



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