Pop Pilates

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Pop Pilates

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Pop Pilates makes Pilates fun and accessible for all fitness levels. Come take Pop Pilates in Camp Verde and get strong, flexible and fit fast.

As a specially trained instructor of Pop Pilates I am required to stay current on with all of their frequent releases that include in depth training on EACH and every movement I teach, special music, and of course cutting edge exercise science .This gives my class the best workout they can get.

Pilates is a form of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates. Pilates was an unwell child whose life mission became promoting physical fitness after exercise cured him of his childhood ailments. Throughout his life he taught and studied an amazing array of fitness techniques including yoga, jiu jitsu, weight lifting, circus arts, breathing and gymnastics. He ended up in New York training the dancers of Martha Grahams company and the Pilates Method was born. An amalgam of breathing, dance, yoga, calisthenics, a concentration on core muscles and breathing.

What is a Pop Pilates Class like?

Pop Pilates is only slightly different from traditional mat based Pilates. But, the elements that make Pilates inarguably one of the best ways to get strong, flexible, and tight are all included in a Pop Pilates class with the added bonus of fun music and moves that are put together in a way that any fitness level can be challenged in a Pop Pilates class.

I chose this class to present to the Camp Verde area because in one class we have SO MANY different populations with different goals and this class hits them all. It is effective for anyone from people with hard physical jobs who need to gain strength with flexibility to avoid injury, seniors, people who want to have fun and enjoy dancing a little (it is NOT a dance class, but flows and moves), weightlifters, kaykers, climbers, etc.





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