Yoga & Pilates ~ Camp Verde

Thank you for choosing me as your instructor! When teaching a Yoga or Pilates class. As an instructor my priorities are: getting my students to their goals while realizing their time is important, keeping everyone safe, creating an environment that is fun and enjoyable.

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was 13 years old, I wanted to be a better ballerina so I started practicing yoga on my off days.
Now that I have been doing yoga the majority of my life I ave found yoga is a true full body anti aging device, with no side effects, no down time, and little cost. Yoga can be both a mental and physical practice and while it may seem like we often focus on the physical, the mental benefits of yoga are also anti aging and undeniable.

Pilates as a practice is a favorite of many people whose bodies are their business. We all get one body to live in and Pilates is an excellent blend of body weight strength exercises, serious core work (I cannot stress this enough), stretching, yoga, and even a little ballet. If you are looking to get strong and lift your body Pilates is what you are looking for.

Currently I am teaching a hybrid class where I mix the best Yoga and Pilates for both fitness and relaxation. I have been teaching variations of this fusion type class since 2008 and find it to be well liked by yoga people, pilates people, as well as people just looking for a good balanced fitness class.

My Yoga & Pilates Fusion class is Thursday evenings at the Camp Verde Rec Department, right after spin class
Tuesday evening is Pop Pilates (see video below), also right after spin